How To: Remove moving objects with BCC Motion Key in Final Cut

Remove moving objects with BCC Motion Key in Final Cut

Ever needed to fix a clip where an unwanted or unexpected object appears in the scene? A car is suddenly passing across or a stage hand got in the shot by accident? And re-shooting is expensive or impossible? You would be facing hours of tedious frame-by-frame rotoscoping to get rid of the pesky element in your video...
But not with Boris Continuum Complete's Motion Key filter! As long as the object is moving in relation to the scene, this job can be done in minutes instead of days using the specialized BCC Motion Key filter. The filter is based on Optical Flow technology that uses intra-frame data to cleanly remove any moving object. See how to remove foreground moving objecs with BCC Motion Key in Final Cut Pro. NOTE: the plug-in is available for many other video editing softwares not shown in this tutorial.

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