How To: Layer video clips in Final Cut Pro

Layer video clips in Final Cut Pro

In this how to video, you will learn how to layer videos in Final Cut Pro. First, open Final Cut Pro. Get your original clip and then put the clip that you want in the clip and drag it in over the top in the time line. Change it to image and wire frame. Grab the corner of the image and drag it down to the size you want. You can also move it around. Next, go to sequence and render it. Once that is done, change the selection back to image. Once you play the file, both clips will be playing. If you want to set a key frame, click the add key frame. Go to the end of the clip and then increase the size of the clip. Click add key frame again and then render one more. When you play the video, you will see that the clip not only plays with the other clip, but slowly becomes larger as you get towards the end of it. You can also modify the original clip's size and location as well. You now know how to layer videos in Final Cut Pro.

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