How To: Keyframe when editing video in Apple's Final Cut Pro

Keyframe when editing video in Apple's Final Cut Pro

This video tutorial teaches you the basics of Keyframing using Final Cut Pro. A picture is used in this tutorial. You can also use video or picture for this example. The video shows the keyframe button and the different keyframing tools. The video then teaches a basic keyframing concept of how to add a motion to the clip using keyframing. You can also add rotation effect in the keyframe. When you add a keyframe and move the clip from one place to another, it adds a path along which the clip or picture would move in the keyframe. You can adjust this path, add music or effects in the background. After adding the keyframe paths which is called mapping, you can adjust the mapping to change the way you want the keyframe to move. You can also change the way the keyframe rotates.

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