How To: Use traveling and luma mattes in Final Cut Pro

Use traveling and luma mattes in Final Cut Pro

This video tutorial teaches you how to use Traveling Luma Matte in Final Cut Pro 6. To do this, you have to go to custom gradient. Open the "Find" option and type Custom Gradient or Gradient in the search field and click Find All. This will bring up a separate search window with the gradient effect you are looking for. This search window can be shown in your browser or removed from your window. The video then teaches how to use the Gradient effect. You can add the gradient effect to your video, load it into your viewer and then use the Controls tab to do various adjustments. The video teaches you some of the adjustments you can do to get the custom gradient effect. After this, the video teaches you how to add video clips over the gradient map and use the Travel Matte - Luma effect. You can also control the gradient after adding the video to adjust the gradient effect to match the video.

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